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Vimal, Dana

The Challenge: The situation outside during the pandemic was scary. With a strict lockdown, no people on the street, all of us were weary of venturing out. We had to work to cover 110 laptops to be enabled for seamless working.


After spending 13 years at an organization, one would think that you’ve seen everything. But the pandemic has been a humbling experience in knowing the importance of planning.

At the start of the pandemic, Dana had a basic business recovery plan on paper. Being early planners helped us in setting up remote work and getting rental laptops. Despite the lockdown, my entire team was at office spending 6-7 hours in imaging each and every laptop before they go out. The situation outside was scary. With a strict lockdown, no people on the street, all of us were weary of venturing out. Even then, my team and I stepped out to work. We worked continuously for two days covering 110 laptops.

Few things are out of our control. At that time, we must introspect the situation. Even if things go wrong, there must be a reason for it and something good will come along.

I am thankful to our great team bonding that has helped us get through 2 waves of the pandemic. Mahadev, Umesh, Gajanan, and Laxmikant are an important part of this team. We’ve been through a lot over the past year – but together we are stronger. As a team lead, it’s my duty to motivate my team and support them whenever required. Even when my teammates were afflicted with COVID, the management requested them to go home and rest and not infect more people. I’ve been by my team sides for any support required. When one of my team members was affected with COVID, I spoke to him daily and ensured his well-being – mentally and physically.

IT leaders should be prepared for any disaster with a proper disaster recovery plan and effective communication

My advice to IT leaders out there is to be prepared for disasters. Having a disaster recovery plan is a must for every organization. My second advice would be to have an open communication policy at your work. Let your employees be aware of what’s happening and make it a safe environment where they can come forward to voice their challenges. To do this, one must build trust with the team, leaders, suppliers, and vendors.

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